Breaking Free From Repeating Patterns Of Behavior Workshop – Learn Several Ways to Stop Going in Circles

Guide:         Nancy Smeltzer  –

Date:           Saturday, May 17, 2014     Time: 10am – 4pm

                      Please bring a bag lunch. Coffee and teas will be provided.

Location:   Columbia, MD 21045 – (Home of Nancy Smeltzer) –   Note: The house has 2 friendly cats.

 Cost:     $225, which includes a workbook –

*** Pre-registration closes on May 14, 2014

Workshop Description:    Please see below

         Questions? Please contact:  Nancy Smeltzer  – to make arrangements for payment and to get directions.

Many people find that they want to do one thing, such as be more productive, or write a book, yet are constantly sabotaging themselves. The study of Triune Brain Theory and how different parts of our brains interact offers an explanation as to how our different levels of consciousness operate behind the scenes to thwart out best efforts. It’s as if, at times, you have your own inner dysfunctional family, bickering as to who’s going to drive the car of your life.

Learning how to bring peace between these different aspects of ourselves can go a long way towards understanding and removing these unknown blocks. Buried deep in our unconscious selves (where as much as 95% of our decisions are made), these unknown aspects of ourselves cause us to keep repeating the same patterns over and over again. The session ends with a practical technique to allow you to work at your own issues yourself.

Come learn how to move past your prior stumbling blocks and move into your true, optimized self to live the life of your dreams. QUIT spinning in circles!

• Learn how Triune Brain Theory can explain inner conflicts and how you’ve been self-sabotaging yourself.

Learn the different ways of communicating we each have inside of us, and how we talk past our inner selves and others in our lives.

Learn a simple technique to work at your own unknown resistances to moving forward in your endeavors. (Participants will get a chance to begin to clear one of their own issues, share their experiences, and talk about ways to implement the technique into their own lives.)