Wolf Awareness and Native American Shamanic Practices

Wolf EyesNancy Smeltzer, MFA

During The Journey at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, one of the workshops that I taught was called “Wolf Awareness”. I was first taught this process as part of my shamanic training by Wes Geitz, a powerful teacher from British Columbia, Canada, who is known for his natural shamanism classes. If you ever have a chance to take one of his workshops or sweat lodges, you’re in for a treat, as he is quite authoritative and knowledgeable, besides being a great teacher.

Wolf Awareness is a combination of embodying or taking on the senses of various animals to heighten your own sensory perceptions way beyond what most people are capable of. It includes Deer Ears, Owl Eyes, Fox Walking, Raccoon Touch, and Bear Nose. The following is a short explanation of the information that I learned, and some of my own insights that I’ve developed and added on to the processes as I’ve practiced them.

Deer-EarsDeer Ears is about expressing the heightened hearing capabilities of a deer. From my way of seeing it, this process develops two huge etheric funnels, one each coming off of the mastoid process, or large lump behind each ear. To me, they appear a lot like the horn on an old Victrola phonograph. By creating such a large surface area behind each ear, your sense of hearing can be developed to extend way beyond your normal range. At first, for me, before actually being able to hear these extended sounds accurately, there was first just an awareness that something was just beyond my normal range of hearing. Then, with practice, I was able to begin to hear sounds that I know that I wouldn’t have picked up before.

Owl EyesOwl Eyes is about being able to see way past your normal peripheral vision without turning your head. For most people, that’s about a 180 degree half circle in front of them. When I was working with Wes, I was able to expand that half circle and see within a cone of about 270 degrees, which means that I could see behind my shoulders. I haven’t practiced this skill for awhile. so my ability is down now to about 220 degrees. It’s interesting to me, that while I am a visual artist, and can see well with my 3rd eye, this, of all the aspects of Wolf Awareness is the least developed in me. (Note to self – there’s probably an issue I need to clear in me before I’ll be able to execute this technique better.)

Fox walkFox Walk is another aspect of Wolf Awareness that involves walking with the stealthiness of a stalking fox. The feet are raised high and the upper body is kept still. It takes quite a bit of balance to execute this technique well, and needs to be seen to be understood fully how to execute it; words don’t do it justice. What was interesting was that while I’m used to executing this process in the Eastern deciduous forest of the USA with all of the broken twigs and dry leaves on the forest floor, the same sense of “becoming the fox” worked in the high desert of Joshua Tree in California. Even though there weren’t as many noise making materials in the desert sand to overcome, the participants were still able to  embody the energy of the fox. I think that it’s the controlled bi-pedal motion that I feel was wired into us in-utero that aids in the acquisition of this sensibility.

Raccoon TouchRaccoon Touch for me is about learning how to move energy back and forth from one hand to the other. That practice is probably the easiest way for someone to learn that they have an energy field and start to play with it. With practice, you can learn to palpate the energy field around you and get information in a  form it that is of use to you. My take is that that the information acquired is about how a particular issue “feels” to you. For me, it also involves incorporating the wealth of information gathering capabilities from your gut flora. That’s the bacteria and viruses that naturally inhabit your body and help to stay healthy. I find that they are constantly being the interface between us and the energy field around us, so learning to work with them is an important skill.

Bear NoseBear Nose is about developing a cone in front of your physical nose, much like Deer Ears does with your ears, that allows you to smell beyond the usual capabilities. It’s not so much about being able to smell better, or at least not in front of you, but knowing that there’s information there for you to perceive. However, at least for me, practicing this technique has allowed my physical sense of smell to be heightened to the point that for many smells, I could take a marker and draw a spot inside of my physical nose where a particular scent is being absorbed into my nose. Heavy scent molecules will drop off just inside of your nose, while lighter ones, like menthol or horseradish, go right up almost to the bridge of your nose. For me, with practice, I also developed the sense of knowing that a situation wasn’t good for me, in that it “doesn’t smell right.”

The English language is full of phrases, such as that “doesn’t feel right”, “that doesn’t look right”, and other similar  euphemisms that I find are really confirmations that intuitive information is being received , but maybe not being acknowledged. When Wolf Awareness is fully integrated, it’s an intensely exciting experience, as if you’re devouring the air, or absorbing colors through your skin. While Native American scouts would have found such abilities incredibly useful in tracking animals or monitoring dangers, it was also useful to be able to access the Spirit World and healing techniques. Having practiced that processes enough, I can “drop into” it at will, and find it a highly creative state from which to execute my art work, much as an athlete drops into the Zone.

We all receive intuitive information in some form or the other, whether we acknowledge it or not. Which ways have you experienced heightened sensations and how were you able to utilize them?

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