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I have known Nancy Smeltzer for more than 7 years and during that time I have had a wide range of interactions with her in the world of healing emotional traumas. Both as a fellow researcher in this area and as a practitioner of various modalities, I have always found her work to be of the highest integrity and caring. Nancy is always looking for the best way to help her clients, and constantly integrates her ever-growing knowledge and experience into her work.

A relative rarity amongst healing practitioners, Nancy applies her healing skills and knowledge to her own issues and is always willing to do her own work as she progresses on her own journey of self-improvement. She encourages her clients to do the same, to gain the independence to heal on their own.

Her ongoing research into the unconscious mind, as well as the true origins of traumas, enables her to deal with the real issue, not just the symptom at hand. For those who are looking to make serious progress on their healing journey, Nancy is a very good resource.

Robert Vibert , Author – The Missing Link to Your Emotional Healing Success

I’m a huge fan, and a delighted and enchanted recipient of Nancy’s work. It’s an understatement to call it “energy work”. She has a gift, and she lovingly shares it in this, and in other dimensions of the universe. Nancy, thank you for sharing your gift, and with much love to YOUR heart.

Bill Olsen, Professional Facilitator and co-creator of The Journey

Nancy Smeltzer is a truly gifted teacher and healer.  She is a relaxed and informative teacher who is highly qualified from her years of experience in both the teaching and the healing arts.  Being  personable and low-keyed, she brings genuine expertise to her classes and yet maintains an authentic humility while empowering others to work on their own issues.  As a healer, Nancy swiftly and accurately perceives blocked energy in people’s unconscious selves and aids in the removal of those blocks.  Her daily practices bring in more efficient ways of handling issues for herself, her clients and her students.  Nancy lovingly, gently and seamlessly helps the dying and the recently deceased to cross over easily.  I unabashedly recommend Nancy as teacher, healer and a friend to those in grief.

Liora B. Hill, Founder,  Zoeticworkshops.azurewebsites.net