What I See is What I Get! Intuitive Sight

Intuitive incidents in my healing practice

Intuitive incidents in my healing practice

Nancy Smeltzer, MFA

In my last posting, I wrote about my inner intuitive sight and some descriptions of how the visions appear to me. These stories and metaphors of what I see going on with my clients are often quite strange in appearance and content. Many would say that some of these images are high on the “woo-woo” scale, in that they test even most people’s sense of credibility. Yet, time and time again, I am given independent confirmation of what I’ve been shown, and so I’ve learned to trust whatever I’ve been given.

One such case early on in my practice  that I call the bunny rabbit story. The client’s grandfather had died a year earlier and she was still dealing with the grief of not getting to say goodbye to him at the hospital, as her step-grandmother wouldn’t let her side of the family in to say good-bye. When I told her that I could see her grandfather standing behind her, and that she could talk to him anytime that she wanted, it was very hard for her to have much of a sense of his presence. Then, he held out his hand and asked me to put its contents into her heart. After having scanned it to make sure it was safe, I asked her if it was OK. When she asked what it was, I had to smile rather sheepishly, because I was having a hard time believing what I was ‘seeing”.

“It’s a bunny rabbit”, I said. “Just your basic, brown cottontail bunny rabbit, but your grandfather wanted you to have it.” She agreed to having me put it in her heart, so I put my hand on her chest. She could feel some warmth there, but other than that, she had no other sense of anything being different. I felt that there was more to the bunny rabbit story, but she didn’t know of any connection between her grandfather and rabbits. I encouraged her to ask around in her family to see if they knew of any rabbit stories and that was the end of the day’s work.

At her next session, she had quite a tale to tell. She had asked her mother and siblings if they remembered anything about her grandfather and bunnies, but no one remembered anything. However, she had quite a surprise when she was talking to her grandmother who was her grandfather’s first wife. She said that her grandfather had always wanted to give her a rabbit when she was little, but her parents wouldn’t let her have one. Now, she has one for eternity, the soft little friend her beloved grandfather had always wanted to give her.

I sat a little stunned. There had been no doubt in my mind what I had been shown in her grandfather’s hand at the earlier session. Nor was there any way that I could have known about her early life in clues she might have said in the session, as she had never known about her grandfather’s wish to give her a bunny. I felt humbled and in awe at the realization that I actually do see things that are “real” and felt incredibly grateful that I have been shown a way to comfort others through their grief.

Since those early days, I’ve been shown much stranger images, but somehow there is always some underlying truth in what I’m being shown. It’s independent confirmations like these that have led me to know the “taste” and “feel” of when I’m being shown something significant to a client’s healing. I’m constantly asking myself if my own ego is affecting what I’m being shown, but usually the answer comes back a resounding “No!”. It’s then when I thank the Universe for the images that I get so that I can help others.

Have you ever been shown an image or heard something that turned out to be true but that you had no way of “knowing” that? Why not share it with the rest of us, because I know that you’re not the only one, and your opening up gives others the courage to do the same.

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About Nancy Smeltzer

I'm passionate about long distance spiritual and alternative healing, having had a successful practice now for over ten years. My clients work with me over the phone and on Skype from all over the USA and Canada, as well as Switzerland, Russia, and Australia. I specialize in helping people heal their negative repeating patterns of behavior and remove the stuck energy in their unconscious minds. By doing that, they can quit going round and round in circles,. repeating the same mistakes, and move forward to having the life of their dreams. Besides my holistic healing practice, I've also been professionally creating art quilts and other fiber arts for over 30 years. My specialty is contemporary beaded art quilts. On my web site, I bill myself as the "Self Proclaimed Button and Bead Queen of Maryland (USA)." My recent works have images that are based on what I see when I tap into a person's energy field and are called Meditation Gardens. These visionary art pieces are the perfect place for that person to play and meditate. In my spare time, I'm a rabid, avid "dirty nails" gardener, composing scenes with plants. Sometimes, I come inside so dirty that my clothes have to go straight into the washing machine; they're too dirty for the dirty clothes hamper! -The Official Google + site for Nancy Smeltzer
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