People Who Drain Your Energy in Holistic Healing

Energy DrainNancy Smeltzer, MFA

People who drain your energy are very real; it’s  not your imagination. I’m not talking about the ones who are demanding or what’s known as “high maintenance” here in the States. This posting is about those few that literally are draining your life’s energy out of you, causing you to feel incredibly tired after dealing with them.

Most of these  don’t know that they’re doing any energy draining. They just know that they NEED to have a particular person around them and have them do things for them. The person on the other end however, is often aware of how draining a particular person is to be around, and feels sorry for the person who often has very rational explanations as to their insurmountable needs, and yet, are sucking out your life’s essence. The giving person often rationalizes that the draining person has no other friends, or needs taking care of, or any number of logical reasons as to why the connection must be maintained. Thus, a co-dependent relationship gets established, where each is meeting some need, usually unconscious, of the other person.

When I look at someone who feels drained by another, the metaphor that I’m shown is that they have a spigot or faucet in their back. The size of the faucet and the amount of “water” coming out of it give me an indication as to how severe the interaction is. Some people can get so drained by another that the energetic demands placed on them can cause them to become physically ill. Western medicine would treat the symptoms, but if the underlying energetic cause isn’t dealt with, then the symptoms will return or manifest in another form.

Since you can only change yourself, I deal with the client at hand. As with many conditions, I heal either why the person pulled in the energy drain in to them in the first place or why they’re hanging on to the faucet. (Those two techniques are interchangeable as to which goes first, so I just listen to the Divine’s directions). Even though the person who is being drained would consciously swear that they wanted the connection to be over, on an unconscious or reptilian brain level, an irrational association for survival has been linked to keeping the drain in place. In other words, if there weren’t an unconscious need on the part of the person who was being drained, such as the need to care take others, then the draining wouldn’t take place.

After healing the reason why the person pulled in the drain in to themselves in first place, and then why he was holding on to it, the last step is to remove the actual spigot. Depending on the size, location, and degree of intensity, I might be shown several different ways to do the removal. Also, there may be other connections in play, so that there may be other protocols that need to be accomplished before complete removal of the spigot has taken place.

Once complete removal and healing of all similar issues has taken place, the person who was doing the draining might do one of three things. The first is to ramp up the volume and make more demands than usual, as energetically they can sense a loss. The second possibility is that the person will find someone else to get their energetic needs met. The third possibility, especially if it was a relatively small energy faucet, is that the draining stops altogether, as the dynamics between the two people has stopped.

Being free of energy drains from others is your birthright and can be obtained by working with a skilled practitioner. If you’ve like to discuss your own situation, please feel free to contact me for more information and how I will help at – 410-730-7413 Let’s talk about how you can get relief from your issues.

Have you ever had a person in your life that you felt was an energy drain? How did you deal with the situation?

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