Not all Negative Energy Entities are Created Equally


WraithNancy Smeltzer, MFA

In two recent postings, I wrote about the more benign forms of negative energy entities that exist in some people. When I say “benign”, I am not belittling in the least the impact that they can have on a person’s life, as the entities can act out quite a bit in order for the host to seek help in order to send the entity home to his own Universe. While waiting for the host to figure all of this out, the entity often acts out in ways that are scary and harmful to the host’s well-being.

These are not the kinds of entities that I’m writing about in this blog. This posting is about the wraiths and etheric vampires that do exist out there in our world, much to the detriment of those who encounter them. A wraith for me looks very much like what I drew in the illustration above. The metaphor that I’m shown of these energetic beings is that they are dark, raggedy looking creatures with no faces. They exude a sense of foreboding, and cause the hair on the back of of my neck to stand up in warning. The few that I’ve encountered were deliberately made and set out upon the world by malevolent energy crafters who cobble them together and set them loose on the world. As a practitioner, the best I can do is to put a huge bubble of Light and Love around myself and the affected person, and that will cause the wraith to shrink some and leave…. sometimes.

Probably the most interesting variation that I’ve come across was a client who had unconsciously made a variation between a poltergeist and the wraith of a very angry, dead Civil War soldier. This is the only time that I’ve had any encounter with a poltergeist, which are those spirit creatures that move things around in a house. The client was sure that her son, who was on drugs, had pulled in some sort of negative energy as things that were in the house were being moved around and things of value only to her were going missing. My healing partner at the time and I were able to discern that the woman had cobbled together a poltergeist and the very angry energy of the dead soldier (her house had been built near an old battlefield). She was the one who was keeping the figure operating in her house due to her anger at her husband and some childhood issues. While she was more than eager to believe that her son was causing the problem, when she heard that she would need to face her own issues, she never came back for another session to work on her part in this problem. Unfortunately, this unwillingness to do the work is common, as our reptilian brains or gut brains feel threatened for survival.

Etheric vampires are another malevolent entity that people can encounter. In their mildest form, they are people who unconsciously draw vast amounts of energy from other people. Those with whom they interact often feel drained after being around them, and for good reason. They truly have had energy sucked out of them by the other person, and it will take a while to replenish the store. Most of the offenders are doing this draining totally unconsciously; they just know that the feel better when they’re around certain people who are giving up their energy in the relationship. This feeling of  ‘being up” keeps them seeking out the other person and a co-dependency develops.

There are however, very malevolent etheric vampires, whose origins I’m not sure of because I feel that evil is just “frozen Grace” and can be dissolved away. I do know the few deliberate etheric vampires that I’ve encountered cause the hair on the back of my neck to stand up. I quickly put up a protective bubble of Light and Love and get myself as far away and as fast as I can. I once had one follow me while I was driving, and I flagged down a passing policeman. I just told him that the woman was following me, and he kept her there until I drove off towards home in another direction from that which I would usually take.

None of the above entities are for amateurs to play around with. A person could get seriously “whacked” by taking on energy that you perceive as being malevolent. In reality, the energy really isn’t evil, but if the person on the receiving end hasn’t done enough healing work, that’s how it will be perceived. Until I cleared a LOT of my own beliefs around negative energy, I would often get whacked and be in bed for a week with horrible aches and pains. So, I am offering this posting not as a how-to” piece of writing, but more as an educational offering to talk about the existence of such beings.

How do you feel about the existence of such entities? Have you ever encountered someone that caused you to have the hair on the back of your neck stand up? What did you do?

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