Nancy Smeltzer – MFA

Nancy Smeltzer, MFA - Founder of Transition Portals

Nancy Smeltzer, MFA – Founder of Transition Portals

The Story of how I Began my Journey

Little did I know that it would take a meteor landing in my lap to answer my prayers to learn how to heal a lifetime of chronic pain and 30 years of being treated for manic – depression. Here’s the story of how it came about.

While I come from a family of medical doctors, I was always sick in one form or another most of my life. From turned ankles with the accompanying weeks on crutches, to painful endometriosis, migraines,  countless undiagnosed ailments and multiple surgeries, I was always the “sick one”. As I got older, my manic depression, or bi-polar as it’s now known , set in, and the accompanying roller coaster rides of emotions began. Medications stabilized the symptoms sometimes, but any added stress would send me reeling in one uncontrolled direction of another. A large part of my life felt beyond any semblance of control, and I prayed for healing for myself so that I could then help others. Then came the meteor.

 In August of 2004, I had been retired for several years from 27 years of teaching mostly 7th grade science. Having lived in the world of logic and reason, I was out in Oregon at a two week New Age retreat, which was quite different from a lot of my previous experiences. We had a speaker who talked about EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) which I had read some about already on the Internet, so he got my attention. Near the end of his presentation, he mentioned that he was giving a 4 day workshop starting the next day and had room for others who would like to join. It was all very strange to me that I would want to leave my friends for four days and go to this workshop with someone I had just met. Perhaps, this compelling drive was due to the large meteor I had seen in the night sky two nights before. It took up half the sky as it stayed lit for about 6 seconds and an audible gasp left my mouth as I took the scene in. No wonder the ancients felt an auspicious event was about to happen whenever such a large meteor was seen.

Not knowing at the time just how auspicious my future was about to become, I started the workshop the next day. The first night we worked on healing the trauma around birth. By the end of the evening, I was so drained from the experience, I barely could crawl back to my tent. By the end of the second day, I started to hear “voices” giving me “yes” or “no” answers, although I wasn’t sure that I should trust what I was perceiving. I began to see that the meteor that I had seen in the night sky a few days before had now landed in my lap, with all of the accompanying responsibilities that came with it. “You asked for this, lady, so now you have to do something with it for the good of all!”

By the end of the workshop, I had progressed enough so that the instructor asked me to return back west to help assist in another upcoming workshop of his. I apprenticed with him for a month and after four months, I could see almost as well behind my closed eyes as I could with them open. The ability to feel (clair-kinesthetics) and the ability to just “know” something (clair-synesthesia) quickly followed. All of these abilities I can now teach to my clients who are willing to put in the time to practice.

After training with him for a year, I began a healing practice with a medical doctor that was part of that healing group. We continued our long distance healing, with her out in Washington state and me back home in Maryland on the east coast of the USA. By extending our consciences to include the client we were working on, we were able to have clients all over the US and Canada, with several in  Switzerland, England, Russia, and Australia. Along the way, we learned a large body of techniques and protocols to help those who were suffering from chronic pain, to traumatic experiences, to dysfunctional relationships of all kinds. Along the way, I also learned how to deal with my own chronic pain and my bipolar disorder. I’ve been off psych drugs for that condition since May, 2005 because of the healing work that I learned.

In October of 2012, I began my own practice serving people who are desperate to break repeating patterns of behavior. This aspect of my new practice is incredibly gratifying as many of the people with whom I work  are frustrated having tried countless other healing modalities, just like I had done. What I offer are techniques and protocols for them to use in between sessions while I work on the blocks of stuck energy in the unconscious that keep them from moving forward. I am grateful every day for that metaphorical meteor that landed in lap that night back in 2004 spurring me to take action and begin my own healing journey.  It allowed me to learn clear, simple methods  that give my clients the ultimate gift for which they’ve been searching, which is the last healing that they’ll ever have to do on a particular issue.

 The Formal Story

Nancy Smeltzer, is a long distance spiritual healer, intuitive and coach, who has been working on her spiritual path and those of her clients for over nine years. Her specialty is working with those who are frustrated with repeating patterns of behavior and want to break free of them to live the life of their dreams. Through her research in the unconscious, she has been shown by the Divine how to help hundreds of people by offering practical, easily implementable solutions to deal with client issues. Her take is that by removing the underlying, unknown blocks of resistance to change, clients will move to the optimal and fulfilling life they’ve always knew was there but didn’t know how to achieve.

Nancy also has an MFA from the Maryland Institute, College of Art, and is an internationally exhibited art quilter, who  has spent over 30 years creating extremely detailed wall hangings. Well instilled in her right brain way of thinking, she has also utilized her left brain skills and taught mostly 7th grade science for 27 years because of a double undergrad major in biology. Straddling both brain domains, her forte in teaching, whether in art or science, is breaking down complex concepts into easily accessible, practical steps so that her students can gain their own insights and tools for using themselves. Because of her research in the unconscious, she also is able to help her art students remove their blocks of resistance to moving forward in their creative endeavors.

One avenue where Nancy has combined both her research in the unconscious and her experience in creating art is her new series of art quilts called Meditation Gardens. Here she taps into a person’s energy field, “sees” the perfect place for him to meditate and energetically play, and then creates a small embellished piece for that person to use in accessing their personal energy field. There are specific Divine commands to go along with the art work to make that process possible.

For information about Nancy, you can find out more about her healing work at on this site, about her artwork on her web site at (be patient as it loads; it’s worth it), and can find her on Google + , Facebook (for Transition Portals), Facebook (for Fiber Fantasies),  and Twitter.