We’re Human Beings, not Human Doers – Outlook on Alternative Healing

Vitruvian ManNancy Smeltzer, MFA

The Vitruvian Man shown here by Leonardo da Vinci was drawn to show the epitome of mankind. A balanced life style is a key theme here in this art work, but unfortunately, for most of us, with our hectic lives, that state of being in alternative healing can be hard to achieve. Here’s my take on why what so many of us long for is so hard to achieve in our daily lives.

My take is that we are meant to surrender our mind consciousness or ego, to the Divine. After all, who wouldn’t intellectually want to have a power who has the “big game plan” be in charge. We know intellectually that that Divine can see the far more reaching implications for a given issue. However, doing the surrender versus being the surrender are two different things.

There are many healing modalities that have a sequence of steps to follow and I’m not demeaning them in the least. Whatever works for someone is the best and truest way for them to proceed. I, myself, when I’m first starting to work with a new client, also teach them different processes, as they’re an excellent way for a beginner to start out with clear instructions. However, those modalities are all about doing something, and after all, we’re named “human beings”.

For myself, and for some of my colleagues, we strive to reach that still quiet state of “just being” with no thoughts,where there is total surrender to the Divine and whatever is in your best and highest good being the goal. That is when healing really happens the fastest. It’s been a hard lesson for me to learn, and one that I’m still working on, as my “need to control” creeps in. It really is much easier to have a set of rules to follow, and again, there’s nothing wrong with those modalities, but I find that it just takes longer for healing to take place. I also find that when you’re getting down to your core issues, (the ones you came here this lifetime to learn), surrender to the Divine is critical for real progress to be made.

Down South, growing up, we had a phrase..”Keep your picky paws out of it!” What that meant was to not mess around with something; to let it be on its own. I always envisioned a raccoon, with its deft paws, picking away at something, usually to get into a trash can for food. However, by surrendering to the Divine and being in the still quiet of the question being posed regarding how to proceed, the answer will always come. It’s learning to listen to those messages that we may not want to hear that are sometimes the problem. After all, we want things to be the way that we want them.

This lesson of surrender is critical, I feel to proceed along a healing path. Unfortunately, there are few models in Western society that give us much help regarding how to proceed. I’ll write more soon about how to know if you’re resisting being in the quiet. Should you have any questions about how that  State of Just Being would help you, (because it’s always easier to heal it in somebody else) then please contact me at….   nsmeltzer@transitionportals.com – 410-730-7413

How does being in the quiet of your mind work for you? Are you able to stay there, or are do you find yourself wandering? If you wander a lot, then that’s where I can help turn off the chatter in your mind.

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About Nancy Smeltzer

I'm passionate about long distance spiritual and alternative healing, having had a successful practice now for over ten years. My clients work with me over the phone and on Skype from all over the USA and Canada, as well as Switzerland, Russia, and Australia. I specialize in helping people heal their negative repeating patterns of behavior and remove the stuck energy in their unconscious minds. By doing that, they can quit going round and round in circles,. repeating the same mistakes, and move forward to having the life of their dreams. Besides my holistic healing practice, I've also been professionally creating art quilts and other fiber arts for over 30 years. My specialty is contemporary beaded art quilts. On my web site, I bill myself as the "Self Proclaimed Button and Bead Queen of Maryland (USA)." My recent works have images that are based on what I see when I tap into a person's energy field and are called Meditation Gardens. These visionary art pieces are the perfect place for that person to play and meditate. In my spare time, I'm a rabid, avid "dirty nails" gardener, composing scenes with plants. Sometimes, I come inside so dirty that my clothes have to go straight into the washing machine; they're too dirty for the dirty clothes hamper! -The Official Google + site for Nancy Smeltzer
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