How do you Know when You’ve Finished Healing

How do you know when you've finished healing butterfly into the LightNancy Smeltzer, MFA

There are many people who come into this world with their intuitive abilities intact from when they were in utero. They can see, hear, and/or feel much of what is not evident to others and pick up on energy sensations that are oblivious to most. I am not one of those people. The abilities that I have now have been shown to me in the last eight years that I have been on my spiritual path. Trusting in those insights. coupled with countless hours of practice each day, I’ve learned that each individual has his or her own unique way of knowing when a particular aspect of an issue is completed and it’s time to move on to the next phase.  It’s learning what is a person’s way of knowing that seems to be one of the first hurdles that a person needs to learn in the healing sessions that I do and the workshops that I teach.

From another healing modality, Peak States of Consciousness, my colleagues and I have borrowed the term “calm, peace, and light” as if a backpack has been taken off your shoulders to describe how an issue feels when it’s completely healed. In a previous posting, another way I described that sensation of completion is to compare it to watching a movie with the sound turned off; there’s just no emotional impact on the person  when they remember the incident. However, there are a lot of stages in between getting to complete resolution of an issue that a person needs to know when that piece has been healed, or at least enough to move on to the next phase of the process.

Some people will experience waves of energy peeling off them as if they’re shedding layers of clothes. Other people will see things get brighter behind their closed eyes as there is less and less of the issue there. Others see things getting darker, as if a shade is being pulled down on the issue and there’s less and less of it there. Some hear an audible “ding” like an old style teacher’s bell. Some, who are more inclined to be kinesthetic, feel what I call the “elevator drop”, as if you’ve just stopped at a floor in an elevator shaft and because of inertia, have moved up slightly and then back down. Others can’t say the phrase or mantra they were using to release the stuck energy. It’s as if there’s nothing left to say. Then, there are those that “just know” something is cleared.

While most people use some variation of seeing and hearing, since those are the most used physical senses, any combination of the above or any other variation is what’s right for you. What is really useful, however, in the beginning of learning healing or transformative work is to have someone who is experienced in clearing issues to confirm your perceptions so that you’ll gain confidence in whatever is your own modality. Also, methods of perception can change over time. The way that I perceived my releases in the beginning of my work has gone through a number of permutations over the years.

The important take away from this posting is that all of us are capable of perceiving intuitive information, some of us have some things to clear before we can achieve our goals of “knowing” clearly, and no one way of perceiving is any better than another. Whatever works for you is just perfect for you.

What have been some of your experiences of “knowing something was so” when you had no logical reason to know that information? Did you act on that information or dismiss it, and if so,why did you do that?

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About Nancy Smeltzer

I'm passionate about long distance spiritual and alternative healing, having had a successful practice now for over ten years. My clients work with me over the phone and on Skype from all over the USA and Canada, as well as Switzerland, Russia, and Australia. I specialize in helping people heal their negative repeating patterns of behavior and remove the stuck energy in their unconscious minds. By doing that, they can quit going round and round in circles,. repeating the same mistakes, and move forward to having the life of their dreams. Besides my holistic healing practice, I've also been professionally creating art quilts and other fiber arts for over 30 years. My specialty is contemporary beaded art quilts. On my web site, I bill myself as the "Self Proclaimed Button and Bead Queen of Maryland (USA)." My recent works have images that are based on what I see when I tap into a person's energy field and are called Meditation Gardens. These visionary art pieces are the perfect place for that person to play and meditate. In my spare time, I'm a rabid, avid "dirty nails" gardener, composing scenes with plants. Sometimes, I come inside so dirty that my clothes have to go straight into the washing machine; they're too dirty for the dirty clothes hamper! -The Official Google + site for Nancy Smeltzer
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