Healing is Like Peeling an Onion

Diagram comparing healing to like peeling an onionNancy Smeltzer, MFA

As my colleagues and I work with our clients, we do an intake at the first session to see what’s the presenting symptom(s) or in other words, what brought them in the  door. Depending on what’s up for the person, that disclosure and follow-up questions might take 1/2 hr to 45 min. Then we begin to teach the person a healing tool that seems appropriate as to how they get their intuitive information. However, very quickly, it becomes pretty obvious that what’s the issue in the present life of the client is actually a manifestation of a much deeper, earlier issue. The original event where the trauma or stuck energy was created might have been in early childhood, a pre-natal event or even in a past life. Thus, the original stuck energy becomes associated with the traumatic event and is buried in the unconscious part of the brain, and by definition, being unconscious, is usually pretty hard for the person to access by himself.

So, say that the person comes in with an anger issue towards his spouse, and that’s where we begin the first session. As the person learns the technique that we’ve decided is appropriate for his needs, we’re working “behind the scenes” to peel away what we see needs to go. In actuality, it’s more about us “being with the issue” and allowing it to happen, rather than doing anything, as we see ourselves as catalysts to set the healing in motion rather than actually doing the healing. The work progresses, and layers of “stuff” peel away, just as if you were peeling an onion.

We periodically check in with the client to see what’s up, and he might notice that after about 15-20 min, anger isn’t there anymore, but sadness is. Then, it’s time to pay attention to that emotion, and be with it. After awhile, sadness might turn to regret, and then maybe back to anger, but this time, anger is not to the same degree; it just doesn’t have the same “flavor” as before. Layers continue to peel away, and release of lots of emotions and body sensations occurs.

Finally, after perhaps several sessions, the person reaches the last few inner layers of his “issue onion”. At this point, he very well may not even be able to put a name to what’s there as far as emotions go; there’s just the knowledge that something’s still not right. I call this the “dirty finger print” stage, as if there were smudges on the window of your soul. Eventually, the issue can be totally healed, transformed, and released, so that a sense of calm, peace, and light (like a back pack has been taken off of one’s shoulders) settles in. When the person thinks about the former issue, he’ll still see it for how it happened, as the facts of the issue don’t change. However, recalling the event is like watching a movie with sound turned off and has no impact on the person who is remembering what before had caused great strife in his life.

The problem with getting near the end of an issue is that there’s such relief and change in how the person now perceives his life, he stops before final transformation and release of all of the stuck energy. In comparison, as to how he felt before, there’s so much less stress in his life, that he’s inclined to stop working on the issue. Those last few layers are so important to make sure that they’re released, because I know for myself, when I leave “dirty fingerprints”, they’ll manifest themselves in some other way. The Universe seems to have a way of tugging on our sleeves to encourage us to go all the way to transforming an issue, especially the core ones that are the important lessons that we signed on to learn this lifetime. A gentle tug on the sleeve to keep going until the issue is gone is so much nicer to receive than what I call a hard whomp with a “clue-by-four” between the eyeballs to get your attention… “Nance, you gonna heal that yet?”

The above illustration showing anger,sadness, regret, and final healing is a very simplistic view of the multiple possibilities of how a particular issue onion might be constructed. Depending on what’s being worked on, the onion could have hundreds of layers if it’s one of your core issues, or a lesson that you signed on to learn this lifetime. Sometimes, some layers will be released, and then parts of a related,different onion will need to be worked on before the first one can be completed. The good news is that you don’t have to keep track of how the healing work is progressing as the Universe will take care of that for you if you allow it. By surrendering your need to know what’s going on and getting “out of the way”, the healing that is needed so that you can have your birthright of peace can take place.

 How does this concept of healing being like peeling an onion resonate with you? What have been some of your own experiences as to how your own personal healing has taken place, as this is certainly not the only way things can progress?

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About Nancy Smeltzer

I'm passionate about long distance spiritual and alternative healing, having had a successful practice now for over ten years. My clients work with me over the phone and on Skype from all over the USA and Canada, as well as Switzerland, Russia, and Australia. I specialize in helping people heal their negative repeating patterns of behavior and remove the stuck energy in their unconscious minds. By doing that, they can quit going round and round in circles,. repeating the same mistakes, and move forward to having the life of their dreams. Besides my holistic healing practice, I've also been professionally creating art quilts and other fiber arts for over 30 years. My specialty is contemporary beaded art quilts. On my web site, I bill myself as the "Self Proclaimed Button and Bead Queen of Maryland (USA)." My recent works have images that are based on what I see when I tap into a person's energy field and are called Meditation Gardens. These visionary art pieces are the perfect place for that person to play and meditate. In my spare time, I'm a rabid, avid "dirty nails" gardener, composing scenes with plants. Sometimes, I come inside so dirty that my clothes have to go straight into the washing machine; they're too dirty for the dirty clothes hamper! -The Official Google + site for Nancy Smeltzer
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