Healing as a Celebration

Illustration of Healing as a CelebrationNancy Smeltzer, MFA

I had a client for quite awhile who had a number of issues. (Sort of like me..:) One night, she came in with quite a number of family problems that were up for her and it was very hard for her to keep back the tears. Settling into the technique that seemed appropriate at that time, the session moved along and she cleared boatloads of layers of her issues. Finally, at the end, even she could feel how much progress she had made that night, and she announced that she was going home and celebrate her achievements.

What a great attitude! I know for myself, I often have seen my trials and tribulations as things to be gotten through as quickly and painlessly as possible. Given the choice before hand, I probably would have chosen not to go through my ordeals at all, or would have asked to make it as easy as possible Yet, her was this woman who got that she had made some major changes in her life, she wasn’t going to have to go through those particular aspects again, and she had triumphed over what two hours before had had her almost speechless at times with tears.

I always find that when I work with a client, there’s a piece of me that’s in each of them, and I’m healing some of my own stuff while we’re working on their issue. Here in the States,  a “two-fer”, is where you can buy two tickets, or get two items for the price of one. For me, healing can often be a two-fer,  for although I’m focused on the other person, I know that some of their healing is rippling out and helping me. I’ve also seen where layers of an issue have been transformed and released out into the Universe where they actually clean up some of the yucky energy in the nearby landscape. My take is that as we each heal ourselves, we’re energetically giving the rest of humanity permission to do likewise, so the planet as a whole benefits. Likewise, when someone celebrates an accomplishment, the rest of us are given permission to do likewise.

Apparently, the first “triumphs” were Roman processions through the streets to celebrate a battle that had been won. That’s the usual concept of a triumph -overcoming great strife. While I have plenty of those overcoming battle events to celebrate, I think for myself, I’m going to work on also honoring the simple joys of my life. This afternoon, I walked through a park and took pictures of the flowers that are just coming out as Spring approaches. New beginnings sometimes have to come from past hard work or even what at the time, felt like total disasters. However, more and more, I’m learning to really believe that as one door closes, another opens, and to look more with excitement as to what will happen next.

I have so admired working with this woman, as she’s become a source of inspiration to me. She’s overcome a number of life situations that would have left me leveled. So, while she often comes in for a session quite upset, she always, always, ALWAYS keeps trying. Her progress has been exhilarating to watch, and I hope that I draw in more clients like her, that get the excitement regarding what the Universe can reveal to those who are open, that will keep plugging away at their issues, and will celebrate their triumphs.

What have been some of your triumphs over adversity? What have also been some of the simple joys of life that you’ve celebrated? I hope that with our comments we can get an “Attitude of Gratitude” going for this community, so please contribute with some of your thoughts.

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About Nancy Smeltzer

I'm passionate about long distance spiritual and alternative healing, having had a successful practice now for over ten years. My clients work with me over the phone and on Skype from all over the USA and Canada, as well as Switzerland, Russia, and Australia. I specialize in helping people heal their negative repeating patterns of behavior and remove the stuck energy in their unconscious minds. By doing that, they can quit going round and round in circles,. repeating the same mistakes, and move forward to having the life of their dreams. Besides my holistic healing practice, I've also been professionally creating art quilts and other fiber arts for over 30 years. My specialty is contemporary beaded art quilts. On my web site, I bill myself as the "Self Proclaimed Button and Bead Queen of Maryland (USA)." My recent works have images that are based on what I see when I tap into a person's energy field and are called Meditation Gardens. These visionary art pieces are the perfect place for that person to play and meditate. In my spare time, I'm a rabid, avid "dirty nails" gardener, composing scenes with plants. Sometimes, I come inside so dirty that my clothes have to go straight into the washing machine; they're too dirty for the dirty clothes hamper! -The Official Google + site for Nancy Smeltzer
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