Experiencing an Aura – Tracks in the Dirt

Tire and footprints in the dust - looking for their auraNancy Smeltzer, MFA

Looking for the auras of those who have passed by may seem like an unusual pastime, especially by looking in the dirt, but that’s exactly what I did when I was recently out at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center in southern California. The photo on the left is of some of the footprints and tire tracks that were made in the fine sand out there. It was fascinating to pick up on the energy signatures of those who had gone by. Here’s how I first learned how to do it.

I’ve spoken before about the shamanic training I did under Wes Geitz’s expert tutelage. For two years, I periodically journeyed up to Arnprior, Ontario, Canada, to learn techniques, mostly in the Lakota Sioux and Mohawk traditions. One of the first lessons we learned, however, was an Apache technique. We were to construct a Naiҫu, an Apache protective bubble. That skill was used by scouts to see up and over ridges for soldiers or other enemies without having to actually go up to the tops of the rocks and expose themselves. The class assignment was to project ourselves out on to part of the campus where the training was taking place where we had not physically been yet. We were to “see” what there was to see and then go out to the site and see how accurate our vision had been. I created the bubble, “took” myself  outside to see what there was to see, got a very clear image in my mind, and then went outside to check it out.

The part of the site I had not been to yet was a dirt road leading away from the main building. As I walked down it, there were the two trees on the left and one on the right, all of which were out of sight from the main building. Yet, there they were, just as I had seen them in my vision. They were even the same type of tree that I had envisioned. However, one very important feature I had seen in my vision was the tire tracks of a car, leading away, off into the woods. Yet, there were none here in the actual dirt in front of me.

I started to go back inside, disappointed in that while my image had been so clear in my mind, the tire tracks were missing. For some reason, I felt I needed to stop and close my eyes. When I reopened them, there were the tire tracks, outlined in an electric blue aura. When I got down on my knees, I could see that the marks were actually there. It was just that they were so old they were hard to see them if I were standing up. However, when I got down close to the ground, I was able to physically see the faint imprints of tracks that had probably been made at least a month before. That was the first time that I had actually seen the aura of the essence of something that had passed my way a while before.

So, it was great, good fun that I had playing with viewing the tracks in the dust at Joshua Tree. Some of them had little energy about them, as my take is that the person that made those had not really started on a spiritual journey for themselves yet. However, since most of the people who come there have started on some aspect of a more meaningful life experience, there were lots of energy vibrations and colors to play with. I can understand why when walking a dog, they spend so much time sniffing the “calling cards” of the animals who have passed before them. Fortunately for me, I didn’t need to get my face down into the dirt to find out information of those who had been there before me. It was all about just tapping into their energy signatures.

Have you ever known that you were picking up information from those who had been to a place before you? What did you find out? Did you believe your intuition or dismiss it?

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