Cutting Energetic Cords – A Form of Alternative Healing

Scissors trying to cut a cableNancy Smeltzer, MFA

There is a lot of information on the Net in alternative healing circles about various techniques for cutting cords. These are those metaphysical structures that connect us in a dysfunctional way to family members or others with whom we interact. Co-workers could have cords connected to you, so it’s not just those people with whom you have an intimate relationship. However, anyone with whom you’re connected by a cord will cause relationships that exist between the two of you to be at best less then optimal, and at worst, quite debilitating for the person on the receiving end.

My take is that we allow cords to be fastened on in the first place because they remind us of the umbilical cord that fed and nurtured us during the months of our development. However, since birth, we may have thrown off pieces of ourselves due to trauma that we weren’t willing or capable of dealing with at the time. That gap leaves a metaphysical hole that gets filled by someone whose energetic field seems to be a perfect fit for what is needed to fill that gap. Think of two puzzle pieces, with one piece having a protrusion, while the other has an extension, making for a perfect fit when the two are pushed together. However, when the fit is made metaphysically, the resulting connection begins to look more like a cord.

There are many shapes of cords. The thicker in diameter, the more twisted the individual strands, and the darker in color, the more dysfunctional the relationship between the two people. There can also be multiple cords between two people, which would also make for more complicated and dysfunctional interactions. So, one diagnostic tool that I use when first doing an intake conference for a new client is to look for any cords, especially any that stretch back through a person’s generational line. Thus, a son could be connected to hie mother, who is connected to her mother, (who may not still be alive) and further back the connections can go.

Many healing modalities have you get up each day and cut any cords that you have with others. While that may work with structures that aren’t too well established, I find that with really thick cords, doing that process is about as effective as trying to cut a huge cable with sewing scissors, such what is shown in the above illustration. For myself, I find that first the reason why you pulled in the cord in the first place needs to be healed, Usually that involves dealing with the “spiritual” holes that most of us have that I mentioned above. Next, comes healing as to why the client is hanging on to the cord in the first place, because once that facet of the alternative healing process is completed, if the cord is not too thick and well established, then on the client’s end, it just falls to the ground. Finally, what is needed for complete healing is to clean up any residual remains of the cord that are still attached to the client.

This last final cleaning can be difficult as there can be left behind the “just in case” threads. (I was the queen of these when I first began on my healing journey). For me, these appear as threads about the thickness of 6 strand embroidery floss. All of the ones that I’ve found in clients to date have been tiny remnants of the issue and are remains  to the need they were unconsciously trying to fill in the first place. They, again unconsciously, are hanging on to that dysfunctional relationship “just in case” some aspect of it is still needed at a future date. These thin threads are usually red, indicating to me that there was some trauma associated with a less than optimal death of the person’s placenta right after birth.

There is an amazing sense of freedom once the cords are cleared, as a person doesn’t realize how unhappy they were being connected to the other person in such a dysfunctional way until that draining energy is gone. Cutting the cord does not mean that the relationship necessarily ends, but just the unhealthy part is finished. That allows the two people to continue forward, or not, but in an optimal way.

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